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AIM: To create a brand image and establishing globally 
It was amazing programme and enjoyed every minute of it and his positive energy level is very high which he used very creatively and the deliverance of punches are par excellence. 
“Very informative concept to create innovative entrepreneur”

Abdul Hafeez

Qualifications: B.A.

Current Job description: Merchant Exporters of Pharmaceutical Machinery, Raw Material 

Designer Ikhlas.jpeg

AIM: To Make a Sustainable Fashion Brand which will only Tailor Made, Empowering people of One Small Village or community.

Course is Full Of Treasures.

I have seen immense improvement in leading Day to Day Life, Alifs Course proved for me as  therapeutic ,it Touches  Heart ,Mind and Soul.

To learn and to discover, something fundamental  must have the capacity of  space and craving to go deeply. I had a blunt instrument, a dull instrument, I cannot go deeply by myself. So what next- this course  sharpened the instrument which is the mind.

Sameer Sir creates Environment to Think, imagine and show Right direction.

Direction is more important Than Speed I realised.

Character Building is Necessary to achieve Goals.

Course instills Leadership Qualities within.

I would Recommend peers, Intellect, students, and Learned this Course as it has best  dedicated team To guide, mold in right path.

Designer MD. IKHLAS

Qualifications: Bespoke Master Tailor Training Under Professor Wang, Diploma In Export Import Management, IIFT(New Delhi), Fashion And Clothing Technology ,NIFT (Kolkata)

Current Job description: Fashion Consultant For Raymond's , Cofounder of Hamim Trust, Founder of Dzinedzire, Proprietor Of Hamsafar Emporium, Joint Secretary of RSTA, Treasurer of (TKC-TSSF)


AIM: Explore talent & technology, produce futuristic value to society.

ALIFS has written history by hosting a revolutionary educational program to our community with great quality and innovation. 

The well-researched program brought new hope to participants to discover their passion and boosted morale.

After seeing the remarkable performance of ALIFS team in batch-1, I sponsored two folks for batch-2 to spread the goodness.

ALIFS team is one of the finest gift to our society and I wish them all the best.

Saleem Althaf

Qualification:, PGDCA, MCA, MBA

Current job description: Founder of  IT startup in Oman


AIM: To start my own IT company In Sha Allah

I think that the idea of starting a business is a big step in anyone's life and requires great deal of efforts but without having experience and right skills one end up wasting the time, money and efforts. 

The thing I really like about this course is it teaches the most important principles of starting any business and makes it very clear to the students of this course what are the essential skills required to start a business and how to acquire those skills.

Misbah Farooqui

Current Job Description: Senior Software engineer at a US based MNC


AIM: Inshallah to run my business successfully and be able to help the community at large.

I highly recommend and encourage anyone setting out to venture into the business arena to attend Sameer Siddiqui's training programme. The program empowers and instills clarity. It has enabled me to build a structure to follow, know the key aspects of entrepreneurship, the know-how of business ethics, morals, strategies, tips n tricks, do's and don'ts of the business world with in-depth analysis and concepts from the real business world. This is the best investment I have made in my life, It's a treasure for life-time and I wish I had the opportunity to do it 10 years ago. Sameer Siddiqui and the entire team @ Alifs is absolutely the most sincere group of people with a vision to empower with the knowledge they have to the community at large. Sameer Siddiqui has given us so much wisdom, coaching and insight into the world of business that no one else would have done justice. This was my second training session with Sameer Siddiqui and I always look forward for his future training programmes.

Shahnawazuddin Khaja

Qualification: MBA

Current Job Description: Business Owner - Indigo Granites - Exports


AIM: To prepare 21st Century leaders among our youth - school, college, university and Darul-Uloom students - and contribute in some small way to reviving the Golden Age of Islam.

The course covered the A to Z of starting your own business including building an enduring company, the perils of waiting to start, finding potential cofounders vs. going solo, moving from being a technician to entrepreneur, having core values, franchising, content marketing is free marketing, how to pitch - 'shark tank', and concluding with why Israel is the foremost startup country in the world. The course was filled with tons of research-based information, interspersed with case studies of both successful and unsuccessful startups. A highly recommended course for both potential and existing startups.

Adv. Mahomed Abdullah Vahed

Qualification: LLB, LLM (Masters in Law)

Current Job description: MD and founder of the Young Leaders Academy, a training company

Afzal pasha.jpeg

AIM: To have my own consulting firm

StartupNation course was really an Eye opener and also it gave almost a practical MBA knowledge and framework for entrepreneurship. All the session were mind blowing and intensely enthusiastic.

Afzal Pasha

Qualification: MBA in IT

Current Job description: Sr. IT Security Consultant


AIM: To start an export & import business in Turkey. 

The course covers a wide range of topics on launching a startup such as what are the do's and don'ts, the value of building a team, building a brand name, the importance of choosing a mentor, cofounders, the benefits of networking, and so on. I thoroughly enjoyed the process of learning and understanding different aspects of entrepreneurship and business that I was unaware of.  I would like to thank the team of the Start-up nation for providing such a smooth sailing experience even during the crippling times of a global pandemic. My special thanks to our mentor, Sameer Ahmed Siddiqui, who with utmost energy and enthusiasm, in every live session and in recorded lectures, explained heavy and difficult concepts with ease and patience.
Jazakallah khair

Abdul Rab Javid

Current Job description: Sales and marketing


AIM: To establish my own enterprise. 

1-The course were full of impression to know all elements about a Startup. 2-I realized that the training was a catalytic approach to individual, and for the society and for the nation as well.

PS attach a pic along with the reply so that we can feature you on our official website

It's a request from bottom of our heart and you know the cause will go along way in improving the entire Community:         As there is always room for improvement. Hurdles of legalities, registration, Tax etc. should be dealt as well. I think this is needed by every new Starter.

Mohammad Shamshad Alam

Qualification: Bachelor of Engg

Current Job description: Project Manager (Qatar)


AIM: My aim is to start a startup which can solve the real muslim society problems like education, economy. At the same time, I wish to connect them with true Islamic Teachings of Quran and Hadith.

The course was very well designed and covers all the stages from beginning. The best part of the entire course is the real world examples of various companies which really motivates and forces us to think again and start our own startup. Each topic was very well explained in details by Sameer Sb.

Mohammad Firoz Anwer

Qualification: Graduate Engineer (Electronics) from Aligarh Muslim University, India, MBA (Total Quality Management) from Sikkim Manipal University, India, Certified Project Management Professional (PMP) from PMI, USA, Registered QMS Lead Auditor from IRCA, UK, Certified Lean Six Sigma Professional (Black Belt)

Current Job description: Employed with Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC), Kuwait as QMS Engineer (Quality Management System) since 2013. I am having overall 23 years’ experience in the field of Project Management, Quality Management, Risk Management and Quality Auditing etc.


AIM: Financial Freedom to travel, to Donate, to support, to live & Relax.

1) It gives a Different Perspective to see the opportunity around you.

2) Grow Organically 

Md Farmanuddin

Qualification: Graduate

Current Job description: Entrepreneur 


AIM: To spearhead innovation in technologies that facilitate Islamic Finance and provide universal payments platform accessible to everyone across the globe.

The Startup Nation course delivered all that it promised to. Made us aware of almost all the challenges that a startup would face in today's world. This gave me a wider view of the contemporary markets and institutions, further widening my scope of opportunities to solve the next potential billion $ problem and made me steadfast on building

Zoheb Shahzan

Qualification: B.E., E.E.E.

Current Job description: Founder, Investin: Decentralized fund management protocol built on the Ethereum/BSC/Solana public blockchains


AIM: To conduct business in India that provides an ecosystem for skill development and empower people.

The integrity of ALIFs team and their keenness for creating the startup culture in the community,
are strongly felt throughout the course. 

Participation of students is encouraged and emphasized.

The course content are latest, ethical, distilled by thorough research and aligned with Islamic values. 

A must for every undergraduate student, anyone in mid-career and anyone on the path of startup.

Habeeb ur Rahman

Qualification: PGD ISM (Information System Management)

Current Job description: VP- Business Development - Co-Founder in KSA

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